Guest Blog Post by Karen Baltz Gibbs, owner Garage Training and Rehab Gym

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Have you heard the quote: “The Comeback is Always Greater than the Setback”? I think you need to take a moment to think about this. What have your setbacks been in this last year? Are there setbacks that you overcame? Find joy in that and now let’s focus on the comeback from a setback you are still working on.

I know the setback I overcame is leaving my career in healthcare to find a better way for me to serve others. It took so much work to heal physically and emotionally from that. Then as my motivation came back, I found what my purpose would now follow in creating Garage Training & Rehab Gym, LLC.

The setback that I am continuing to work on, is my return to running. For those who know me, they have known me as a runner. I was a little girl who was seen running everywhere to then participating in Track and field and Cross Country sports from middle school to university. Then I started not only doing 5k-15k distances but moved up to half marathons and marathons. I was at my best and ready for another PR (personal record) for the Banks-Vernonia half marathon scheduled for April 2020. Well, I think just seeing the date, will explain what happened next. The race was canceled. Being the person I am, I ran a mock half marathon in my city of Newberg instead but did not make my goal time. I continued to run but began experiencing pain that would keep me from sleeping.

I learned that I needed to rest from running. I needed to keep my mental health in check with this because if you know any runner, it is very difficult to not run when you have been a runner most of your life. What helped me is I put more focus on walking and weight training. I began to feel stronger not just physically but mentally as well. I got out in nature and was able to find peace in silence or just time to think. Now I am signed up for the Timberline Half Marathon in 2024! I look forward to feeling everything from nervous, excited, runner’s high, and the peace now within me.

What is your comeback story? Whatever setbacks you have faced or are facing, let me help you in your health and fitness. Connect with me and we will get started.

#Live Inspired,

Karen Baltz Gibbs, PT, DPT, CSCS, CMP, LMT

photo of Karen Gibbs owner of Garage Training and Rehab Gym in Newberg Oregon


Karen Baltz Gibbs is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Personal Trainer and Owner of Garage Training & Rehab Gym.

“I was born in a rural area of Montana. I had a mission since I was young that I wanted a career where I could live out my passion of caring for others. I went to the school counselor’s office and asked to look at the career opportunities. I knew I was interested in Science and Health. When I came across the description of Physical Therapy, I knew which direction I wanted to go. I was recruited to George Fox University due to my love and passion for running. Leaving my home and going to George Fox University in Oregon changed my life. I found my love of learning everything I could learn about. A world of opportunity opened up like a scenic view from a mountain top. I had a group of friends and anonymous people who at every turn that I needed help, I got it. I learned what community was and can be.

I have had a wonderful career from being in an Athletic Training program, Licensed Massage Therapist for Chiropractors, volunteer events, in clinic and outcall, a Lead Physical Therapist, a volunteer from community and Professional Sport events to now creating my business: Garage Training & Rehab Gym.”