Guest Blog Post by Mckaila Egan with Medicine Ghippsy

As the days become shorter and the season shifts, we notice our bodies begin to change with nature. This is my favorite time of year to take walks in the woods, wear a cozy sweater in the crisp cool mornings, and enjoy a cup of herbal tea in the evening. Well, if you know me, you know I love tea any time of day. Herbal Tea is my specialty!

I began my journey with plants as a child. I loved being in nature, camping and gravitated towards herbal plant books and holistic remedies throughout my life. It was about six years ago when I hit a breaking point with my health and decided to research how to heal my body using herbs. I applied and was accepted into Vital Ways Institute in Portland, Oregon. This is where my journey began. I fell in love learning how to heal my body. I started to see the connection between nature and the body, mind & spirit. The more I work with a plant, the more I understand how we are all connected.

I started my journey to heal myself, and the more I studied I realized I am here to share my knowledge and encourage people to create a peaceful and holistic life. We are always evolving, learning, and healing.

In my Herbal Guidance sessions, I work one on one with clients by connecting and holding space to learn about herbs and plants on a deeper level. How they can benefit and enhance health and life with a natural, gentle, and effective system of healing. Herbal Medicine starts with supporting lifestyle practices, then moves deeper into the body, mind and spirit healing as a whole.

During our Herbal Guidance session, we always begin our time together with a large pot of custom made tea. Each tea blend is created with specific herbs to match the imbalance in the body that needs healing and to bring the body back to a state of health. I look forward to connecting with you. Please visit my website for more details and to book your consultation.

Thank you,
Mckaila Egan with Medicine Ghippsy



I am the creator of Medicine Ghippsy. As an Herbalist and Yoga Teacher, I offer multiple healing techniques teaching wellness for the body and home. Growing up I faced my own health concerns with digestion and hormonal imbalances. As an adult and stepping into motherhood, my issues became worse. I spent countless hours and dollars on doctor visits and medicines, but nothing helped my body heal. Through my journey I discovered natural ways to strengthen my mind, body & spirit. Since 2016 I have trained and studied natural healing modalities. I became a certified yoga teacher and graduated from Vital Ways Institute in Portland, Oregon, becoming an Herbalist. I found over the years of research, digestion health and hormones are interconnected. Learning positive ways to heal my body has inspired me to share my story. I am here to educate and guide others on ways to create a healthier, holistic lifestyle.