Guest Blog Post by Mckaila Egan, owner of Medicine Ghippsy

Do you feel the shift heading into this new season?

We are a part of nature, so naturally our bodies follow the rhythm of nature. It is important we pay attention to our bodies as we flow into a new season. Our life style tends to change as we slow down, including the foods we eat and the way we move and exercise. It is important to talk and prepare for this now, to keep our immune system strong and feel our best before our days become colder, and we feel depleted. This is the time to slow down, retreating and going inward. Honor this time as we slow down the outer activities. More being, and less doing. A time to process and learn more about yourself. When embracing this quiet time you can connect to your body and vital energy. Allowing yourself to become more grounded, centered, efficient and calm. I encourage you to start a morning or evening daily routine or ritual. A daily ritual can help you stay balanced preparing you for your day. Carving out sacred time to balance has been known to improve sleep patterns, anxiety and digestion, which all are interconnected to our Nervous System. Naturally shifting bed time or wake up time, will allow your body to follow the change in light. Taking 5 to 15 minutes of self-care a day to journal, meditate or drinking a hot cup of herbal tea will help increase your energy and awaken your creativity.

Checking in with yourself everyday will help become aware of how your body is feeling. As the days become colder our energy decreases. We want to keep our body and digestion fueled by eating warm and digestible foods, such as soups, stews and casseroles. Integrating warming spices and herbs, such as cinnamon, ginger, cardamon and licorice. Listen to how your body is responding to movement and exercise. Do you feel a need to bring on the sweat and burn calories or is it a time to focus on your breath work and a slower paced yoga class? Allowing yourself to become introverted and going inward can be very powerful and beautiful as we embrace this season. Our moods tend to shift with the season also. We can feel sad, alone or even more tired at times. As you work on keeping your body healthy, it is important to remember mental health as well. Taking a hot shower or a warm bath to cleanse from a long day will clear your mind and promote calmness. Nourishing and massaging your skin with lotion or a warming oil will create a natural soothing effect on your body and mind. As we become still, we can listen to our inner guidance.

Committing to a new ritual can take time and effort in the beginning. As you start to balance and incorporate the body, food, mental and emotional health, all areas of your life become supported by each other. If you are interested in having support around, that is one of the things I do. During my herbal consultations, we take a look at ways your body is telling you which areas it needs more attention, what herbs your body is asking for to help restore balance and peace, and look at simple ways to start creating a wellness ritual for your health and well being.

I offer a wonderful Winter Wellness Tea and would love to share it with you, preparing your body for the shift and seasonal change.

You can connect with me by email at , my website at or Instagram: @medicineghippsy

Sending you all a healthy season & blessings!

Mckaila Egan, Medicine Ghippsy


I am the creator of Medicine Ghippsy. As an Herbalist and Yoga Teacher, I offer multiple healing techniques teaching wellness for the body and home. Growing up I faced my own health concerns with digestion and hormonal imbalances. As an adult and stepping into motherhood, my issues became worse. I spent countless hours and dollars on doctor visits and medicines, but nothing helped my body heal. Through my journey I discovered natural ways to strengthen my mind, body & spirit. Since 2016 I have trained and studied natural healing modalities. I became a certified yoga teacher and graduated from Vital Ways Institute in Portland, Oregon, becoming an Herbalist. I found over the years of research, digestion health and hormones are interconnected. Learning positive ways to heal my body has inspired me to share my story. I am here to educate and guide others on ways to create a healthier, holistic lifestyle.